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Use cases

Here you can download information about the case studies conducted with DeDop. Downloads include presentations and technical reports.


A study of icebergs and sea-ice off the coast of Svalbard, using DeDop to process Sentinel-3 SRAL data.

Amazon Basin

Using Sentinel-3 SRAL data to investigate water level trends of the Amazon river


Validating DeDop performance, accuracy, and point-targeting mode using Sentinel-3 SRAL measurements taken above the Crete transponder.


Using CryoSat-2 FBR data adapted into the Sentinel-3 L1A format and in-situ measurements to validate DeDop performance in sea-ice scenarios.

ACDC Stability

An analysis of the stability of the ACDC algorithm using data processed by DeDop

Polar Ocean

Using DeDop to investigate the relationship between sea surface height and ocean salinity and temperature